Dissolve Midi Drums


1st post and new to Track Studio 9 here. Could anyone tell me if its possible to split or ‘dissolve’ a drum midi track into separate tracks for each kit piece?. i remember doing this years ago in Cubase…many thanks

I’m not sure if I understand what you mean. If you use the n_Track Drums synth in a dedicated instrument channel it will have I think 6 outputs (i.e. 3 stereo pairs) which you can then process independently (i.e. add different effects to each pair). You can assign each drum element to one of the outputs.
Alternatively you can use copy and paste in the piano roll to copy each ‘row’ of track notes, corresponding to a certain drum element, to a separate track, so that each track will have only that element, and you’ll be able to process the tracks differently, even use a different drum kit for each track.


Thank you !..that’s answered everything with the separate outs option…cheers!