❓ Do you know the melody?

Hi guys.

I have a sort of unusual question for you all.

There is a song that I wanted to remake/cover, an old and very well known melody that pretty much all of us know - the song’s lyrics has been translated into many of the world’s languages.

So I wanted to make my version with new lyrics. But when new arrangement was ready, I showed it to 3 persons to ask what they think, but none of them recognised the melody! Very weird because the original melody is still present and I can hear it very clearly, but they somehow cannot. And they all knew the original song.

All I’ve done was to add many additional notes (arpeggios and octaves) and slightly lowered the tempo, other than that the original melody was untouched.
It striked me that none of those persons recognised it. I want to find out the reason for that. It must be based on some psychological laws, or thought process, or sounds recognition, or who knows what else.

That’s why I’d like to ask you to have a go, listen to the short song and guess what’s the melody. I set up this poll to see how many of you did and how many didn’t recognise it.
If you didn’t recognise it, please reply and describe what did you hear, any adjective or any thought will be very helpful. Was it a happy song or sad, fast or slow, calm or angry, dreamy or aggressive, messy or tidy.
Please use headphones or different speakers if possible.

To not spoil the fun for others, please do not reply with the song’s title. Thank you.

The song:
What’s the melody? (on Soundcloud)

The poll:

Do you know the melody?
  • Yes! I recognised it instantly.
  • Yes, but it took me a while to hear it.
  • No.

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Ultimately I’d like to find the answer to why some people cannot hear the melody that I can clearly hear. Is it fault of a messy cover song or rather the case of people hearing different things.

Yes it’s “______” but it IS a messy recording with lots of arpeggio action obliterating the melody. There are certainly some mixing techniques you could use, all available in our wonderful n-Track studio. Something as simple as various Eq peaks on the different parts would probably give it some separation and clarity. Just my opinion…

Yes there’s lots of arpeggios, that’s how I described the song in my first post. I’m sure there are some mixing techniques I could use to give the melody some separation and clarity, but that’s not the problem here, I didn’t want it to be too obvious, actually I think the melody is still too distinguishable, and you are a living proof of that.
But I’m happy with the mix.

Thank you for your opinion @Heimie but can you please edit your post and delete the song’s title, we don’t want to spoil the fun for others, do we?

That’s pretty clever - you gotta listen to the background, not the foreground.

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For those of you who don’t hear the melody, I uploaded longer version of the track with the layers of sound separated in a way.

There are 4 melody layers, and they appear one after another, so it may help you to see what’s going on. The last one is the full melody in question.

Have a listen and guess What’s the melody - full (on Soundcloud)

Oh btw, all was done in nTrack of course!

I got it in about 10 seconds. The reason why your friends didn’t get it is because people are lazy and don’t want to work for anything. It must all be placed in front of them all with the meat all pre cut and bite size with the crust removed from the bread. Just as you would do a child’s
food so must you to music for adults