does n save midi files?

Hey all;

Does v6 save midi files separately? I’m still on v4 and when I record a midi track, the file is saved in the .sng but not as a separate midi file (like it does with .wav files). This is a major problem for me, since I’ve had problems with sng files crashing nTrack, which means I have to start over with a new sng file, which means I lose my midi tracks.
Did this get changed in later versions?


I does save the midi files but they are integrated into something else used by n_track. You have to Export the file: Highlight (select) the midi track then, Go to File > Export to Midi.
HOpe that thelps,

That did it - thanks Bax.

It’s kind of stupid though - I’ve seen that Export MIDI file thing there a thousand times. You’d think I would’ve thought of using to save my MIDI files.

It’s a good thing someone’s paying attention.

Thanks again