Does n-track V6 manage v4 songs ?

all is in the title…


I got FAsoft nTrack v4.0.5 and I’ve built some songs with it.
But nTrack 4 doesn’t manage 24 bits recordings. So I have to update.

Will the v6 deal with the v4 songs ? I hope…

Basically, yes. But I had some problems myself, because I changed computer at the same time I upgraded.
The problem seems to be related to specific songs, I’m guessing it has to do with some missing or not properly installed VST- or VSTi- plugins. nTrack does not manage that kind of situation well. This should not be an issue if you are just upgrading on the same PC.

Also, keeping a registered v4 and a registered v6 on the same computer seems to be a bad idea, at least on my set-up.

Try the demo first!


I would echo the suggestion to not leave version 4 on a computer running version 6. Hopefully, you have the file to reload if you have to go back to 4. I have run 4 and 6 successfully on one computer, but to give 6 a good chance I’d suggest removing version 4 to load version 6. You may have to reinstall some VST programs into the version 6 directly - lost of new features and improvements that are worth the upgrade.

Thanks a lot for the answers.
I downloaded the demo and I gonna try it, but before, I will save the program folder.

Make backups (copies) of your v4 songs and store them somewhere safe, before you toy with them inside v6, if you haven’t already… just in case. :wink:

Just a thought. I’m a new user of n-T. About a year, now, so I’ve only got early v6 and up to date. I’ve stashed all the most stable ones in a seperate partition beacause some of my earlyer work - works less well with newer Vs. I’ve only got a dozen tunes on the go - but?! So. I run some tunes on different Vs :agree:

And then!!!???

I had another thought. One tune that I’m knocking around, I started when I first got n-T.

Could it be, that if you upgrade with a tune loaded, that it sorts the prob’?

Well, I encountered strong problems after nTrack V6 install.
The demo version installed correctly.
But when I launched it, he said that “MSVCR90.dll does not exist”. I downloaded this stuff from the we along with MSVCP90.DL, and I put both in my “windows\system32” folder.
I also downloaded and installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 package from Microsoft’s website.
After this, nTrack V6 still doesn’t start : he says "Initialization error (0X800000003) and then stops.

Hopefully I had made system and program files backups, so I could downgrade to my old N-Track version.

Does anyone knows what is the problem ? Thank you.

PS: I apologize, my current nTrack version is 3.0 and not the one I gave in my first post.

There are two things to remember about any Windows program:
Beta versions are “testing” versions and may contain undiscovered errors; finished version may contain undiscovered errors.
Early beta versions of N-Track 6 were beta and had some problems for sure (According to many all of version 4 were a problem). I think you can be comfortable with the finished 6.04 build 2475. I don’t know of any significant ongoing problems - just things what we might ask Flavio to change or improve. and of course, the occational situation where your computer just won’t do that works for “everyone” else (Windows or just computers - it just happens)
Personally, I am finding ver 6.4 very stable and fast. Some of the newer features are frustrating sometimes because the program may do something, a new feature, that I have overlooked and not fully used or understood.
One feature of N-Track that I find pretty unique - When users find a problem, or a feature they would like to add, Flavio (owner, programmer, chief cook and bottle washer) listens, and if he thinks it is a good idea, he adds it to the next beta. That does not happen with the “big boys” who charge hundereds of dollars for programs that may have many error, but users may think it is “just me” because there is no place to really address the issues. There are some notable exceptions to this statement, but I know some companies censor, or kill off, forums that are too critical.
So, two things that we can say about using this forum and N_Track: if there is a problem, you will hear about it, and if there is a problem, a real efffort will be made to correct it!

Thank you bax.
I’m afraid there is a lack with my computer, because I got one with an old XP version : the computer is not connected to the internet, so it hasn’t upgraded for years… you understand that I cannot buy the V6 version if I’m not sure that it will work perfectly :;):

The age of the Windows version should not make a difference that I know of - At one time you had to have Net 2 ( a Windows upgrade/download) but I don’t think it is required in the newest versions. So, if version 6.04 build 2475, the new version, does not work properly for you then it doesn’t work for you and you are right to wait to buy it. I could not tell from your post, and thought you were using some beta 6 version. As far as the version, 4 to 6, this is what Flavio says on his page:

"Updating previous versions of the program
To update a previous version of the program just download the current version and install it on top of the previous version (there is no need to uninstall the previous version).
The program should automatically detect if it has been previously registered. If for some reason this doesn’t happen you can manually register it entering the codes you received when you registered the program in the Help/Register dialog box.
The .sng file format may change from one version to another: newer version of the program will be able to read old .sng files, while older versions may not always be able to open .sng files created with newer versions of the program.
Registered n-Track Studio 1.x, 2.x, 3.x, 4.x and 5.x users can upgrade to n-Track Studio 6.x.
Differences between full and evaluation versions

In the evaluation version:

a registration reminder dialog box appears every few times the playback or recording is started
when mixdown to a single wave file a three note organ sound is added every approximately 30 seconds
the evaluation version has no limitations in the number or lenght of the tracks."
One added note of caution: many have commented that it is better to reset the config file when changing versions - that is, the first time you start N_Track it will ask if you want to use the existing config file (the major opinion seems to be) select NO. That way you start with a clean install.
HOpe something here helps.

I’d suggest installing the service packs to XP, if you have not already. You can burn them to CD in order to get them to your non-Internet PC.
But bear in mind, that upgrading the OS might not always be a good idea. If you got a working system now, changing it means a risk. As I’ve discovered myself. So a system backup is not a bad idea.

Did you remove and reinstall nTrack after you downloaded all that stuff you mentioned?


No, Iwon.
I had made a complete backup of the program folder, including VST, to a zip file.
I installed the V6 in the same directory as the V3.
When it was clear it couldn’t work, I uninstalled the V6, and brutally restored the zip file directly into the program folder. And it seems to work.
Anyway, I cannot use it anymore beacause my soundcard is 24 bits recording format, and my NT3 doesn’t manage this format. I had to change to another multitrack editor who came along with the soundcard. The bad thing is that I have several tape recordings I made with NT, and I cannot use them anymore… :(

Concerning the service packs to install on my music PC, I do think the same as you and what is the rule number 1 in datacomputing : NEVER change anything to something THAT WORKS. :p

I have versions 4,5 and 6 on all my machines and V6 has no problem opening any!
It’s the friendliest version yet.
I routinely open songs built in 4 and 5 using 6 and make adjustments, no problems of any kind for music and song files, zilch.
But I didn’t have midi files included in any.

It also might help you to run a registry checker, cleaner, mechanic.

Yeah, well, I’ guess its a matter of luck, really.
I made a backup using Clonezilla of a clean, working install of XP with nTrack 6. Then I installed some new graphics hardware, and that worked fine. At this point I really should have run Clonezilla again, but alas, I did not. The set-up worked for about a week, until I installed a missing device driver. Ka-boom! So I have a similar problem as darinze, can’t get my old songs to run. In my casethe problem is that they are dependent on an old VSTi that for some reason crashes on my updated set-up. There does not seem to be any logic to the problem, either.

I’m gonna try retracing my steps and see if I can sort this out again. BTW, so far, I’ve been pleased with Clonezilla. It can restore the whole C-drive in one step, windows, programs and all.

darinze, this might be obvious but…apparently your new soundcard doesn’t support 16-bit at all, no settings to adjust there??


Slightly of topic, but. I recently treated n-T to a beautiful partition on a spankin’ new sata. No email, no system sounds, no screen savers, or any random RAM mothers. I can say, hand on guitar; "I have never used a more responsive and fluid prg"

Yup! If it ain’t broke - don’t fix it. But even a nice new machine will perform at its peak with only one job to do.

i actually had more problems with 6 once i started building a song from scratch and got to 9 or 10 tracks, no effects. started freezing and won’t handle that much data. on v4 i had no problems with up to 25 tracks with effects, same pc. so i rebuilt the song in v4, have both v4 and v6 on the same computer, and am back in business. wierd. i don’t know why v6 can’t handle what v4 can.

Quote: (john doe's evil twin @ May 24 2009, 12:00 AM)

i actually had more problems with 6 once i started building a song from scratch and got to 9 or 10 tracks, no effects.
started freezing and won't handle that much data.
on v4 i had no problems with up to 25 tracks with effects, same pc.
so i rebuilt the song in v4, have both v4 and v6 on the same computer, and am back in business.
i don't know why v6 can't handle what v4 can.

That is weird!
Especially with no effects.
Without effects 9 or 10 tracks should be a non factor for cpu.
But you just had to reinstall your os.
So you had other issues goin on there maybe.

it was weird. after reinstall #5, though, it finally started behaving (except the piano roll click track. bout ready to bag that idea). so back to business.