Does Ntrack send NRPNs to VSTis ?

I am considering buying Vocaloid but it warns that the VST adapter does not work with cakewalk because it doesn’t send NRPNs (non register parameter numbers) to VSTi instruments.

Does N-Track send NRPNs ?

BTW: check out their demo:
Vocaloid - Leon

I dont use ntrack very much for midi (i will try to see if it works) but cakewalk YES work with NRPN from a lot of time ago. Offenly the “StudioWare” feature of cakewalk are easy visual ways to control them.
Are you sure about VST and VSTi? is not the same. If vocaloid can run in standalone mode you can connect n-track or cakewalk to it trough midiyoke or any other loopback midi driver.