Does Tiger Woods have good taste

or what…


Lucky you-know-what!

Luck or money?

As you suggesting that if I had Tiger’s money, I could have courted a woman like this? :laugh:

She now gets to join the ranks of the “Tour Wives”, a very interesting and odd bunch of women.

I remember one in particular. She (and her famous husband, and usless son) lived in Scottsdale AZ. She had this little dog that she was obsessed with. They had to charter planes because the dog had to be on her lap when she flew…One time she had us catch a bunch of rattlesnakes so that the dogs’ trainer could use them to teach the dog to fear them… The trainer then returned the snakes to us to dispose of…

I don’t think Mrs. Woods knows what shes getting into. :p

And YES, Mike, you could. Money talks.


Shallow, shallow, shallow! Looks are only surface! I am sure they are marrying for love! :)

Love of money… :D


As long as she puts out and is good at it. We all pay for sex in some way…

If I could just figure out a way so I could get paid for it… :p

You’re joking Toke.

What a boiler! In five years she’ll look like Phyllis Diller! :laugh:

Nice mouth though; she looks like she could suck a golf ball down 50 foot of garden hose no problem! :D


If she only knew I can breathe through my ears…

If she only knew I can breathe through my ears............

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

That’s the ONLY reason my wife puts up with me. She’s a babe too…I’m 6’-5" and butt-ugly. Go figure eh?


I dunno, he endorses Buicks… Yuk!