Don Knots RIP

You’ll be missed!

The great Don Knotts died Friday…

I think his career impacted a lot of lives and gave us a lot of laughter.

Since I still watch the reruns, I will miss him.

Hi syn707 and Everyone:
The list of these entertainer ledgends continue to rise, at an alarming rate… Medical Techknowledgy doesn’t seem to be keeping up…

What was IT that took him?


Don Knotts and Darin McGavin passed away.

Will miss Barney and his one bullet. :(

The Incredible Mr. Limpet…

And Dennis Weaver…let’s hope that’s the third of just three. Not a good couple of days.

Man, Now Chester’s gone. This has been bad couple of days.

Yup. Good ol’ Barn… what a classic character. I used like watching McCloud too when I was a youngster. RIP gentlemen.


Anyone ever see the movie called Duel starring Dennis Weaver? Practically no dialogue but very intense… Directed by Steven Spielberg.

Yup. That one is a classic. It’s a kind of Spielberg “cult” film…