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I’ve been a semi-professional musician for 30+ years, and just started making music on my own (without the aid of accompanyists, guitar players, piano players and bass players). I cannot begin to tell you how freeing it is to be able to create music without having to "depend upon the kindness of musicians."

Just to illustrate, I’ve been trying to release an album of jazz/blues for nearly 5 years because of quitting guitarists and mean-spirited sound engineers. I still have these Pro Tools files on a disc and no time or studio to mix them down – not to mention money.

But I bought n-track and decided I’d make my own music, dammit, and only a month later I already have 5 tunes. Admittedly not all of them will make the cut for an album, but it’s an encouraging start – Especially when we get the sound card driver situation handled (see post in the other forum).

My Music

Let me know what you think.

too bad you can edit or delete your own posts like you can on some forums. I’d correct my spelling of the word ambient.

You can edit the stuff as long as you were logged in when you posted and are logged in when you want to edit.

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which tracks did you record with nTracks?
I lked the modal one I checked out.
Did you use a drum machine?

All of the tracks on the left-hand side of that page were recorded with Ntrack. I actually used found sounds I gathered off the net with Find Sounds Palette ( I arrayed a drum beat with a trance-like blurb sound across a timeline, then sang into a cheap lapel mic and used some of the canned plug-ins for a little reverb. I was going to add harmony vocals but decided I liked the singularity of the one voice.

Thanks for taking the time to listen!

Listened to all your clips, interesting tunes, they need something adding to break up the constant repetition, loops get a bit boring, but what stands out is a great voice.

The guitar playing on Black Coffee is good, who’s playing?


Thanks for listening!

I’d have to agree with all your comments. I’m looking forward to getting an analog/digital/midi interface so I can get into something with some changes. I mean, modal is fine, but sometime ya gotta change a chord.

So far, I have used only found sounds or vocals I can make. My mics are very unsophistocated – a lapel mic that came with a little portable digital recorder, and an old Sony Kareoki mic that had the right input jack.

I’ll add to my equipment as soon as I find the right combination.