Down Home Feeling

Yet another song!

Here’s another little diddy, recorded it this afternoon and did a quick mix, nuttin fancy.

Down Home Feeling

This was written in 1975.


Oh OH OH - shades of my favorite all time band - GOOSE CREEK SYMPHONY - Charlie Gearheart my old friend.

You gotta let me in on this and screw it up real good with some drums!

What a wonderful treat Rich - man yer awesome!

OH oh oh oh OH OH - Puleeese! Man that’s good!

Awesome Zay!

You should get the flu more often! :p

Just kiddin’ man… The flu SUX!


Goose Creek! Awsum band!
Go for it Poppa.

Dub, if getting the flu is the only way I can get inspired to record then I’m selling my stuff, this was the worse I’ve had it in a long time, my fever was so high I can’t remember last saturday into sunday, It was bad. If there was only a snot bank you could donate and get paid, I’d be rich right now.

Well if you get flu any worse you good go for a career as a Dylan impersonator :)

This is a really nice piece. Cool laid back vibe. Vocals are great.

Recorded in an afternoon?? I’ve been messing around for 3 weeks trying to complete my 1st project with n-Track 6 :)

You the man, Zay!
I listened to both songs you posted last night (listening again this morning), and can’t wait for an album of all your old classics. Here’s to a long productive winter for you. (Well, maybe not so long, but definitely productive.) :)

Wow, that really is good. In every way. I’d buy a whole CD of that.

Too right that is COOL!!

Forgot the name of the boingy thing you twang in your mouth…last heard that on a Beck tune.
Love it!

As Bruff says…this afternoon? You’re taking the pee :)

:agree: :agree:

Hey that’s great Richard!

Put that one in your soundclick store, I’ll buy it.

Great pickin and singin! Sounds really full, ringing acoustic sound, loved it!
Hey would I be right saying its a jaw harp???

Thanks everyone for listening. Just a simple diddy.
It’s called a Jaw Harp/Jews Harp tounge pincher. :laugh: If you’ve ever tried playing one, it really hurts when ya hit the front teeth with it.
But in the digital age it’s simply my drum track for this tune, midi file with Jews Harp VSTi. Now everything else is me, vocals, geetars, mandolin, bass and dobro. Poppa W has the file and is doing drums and who knows what to it. Could go from a blah blah wolf wolf tune to something very special once he gets his ears and creative side on it, we’ll see. Poppa’s the Man! :)

Thanks for all the kind comments one and all!