Draw pan envelope on a mono track?

Using version 2.2.2 in Mac 10.6.8.

I’m trying to set the pan of a short selection of a mono track (to far left, then back center for the rest of track). I go to ‘Edit’ > select ‘Volume pan drawing’, draw the pan change, but when I follow to ‘Apply track effects/envelopes’, ‘Pan envelope’ is ghosted/not available; only ‘Volume envelope’ and ‘Track effects’ are offered.

Applying this same procedure to a track originally recorded as stereo, ‘Pan envelope’ IS available, and the edit works fine.

On the track mixer, there is a mono/stereo toggle per track, but this appears to only mono-ize a stereo track – not make a mono track into a stereo track.

Is there some trick here to achieve a pan envelope edit of a mono track? (or) Can the mono track be made stereo, that is (basically) two identical mono tracks, which could then be edited?


Then there’s ‘split stereo track’ option, and I thought this might be useful here, but that’s for making a L/R stereo track into 2 mono tracks.

I considered cloning the mono track, but the result is just another mono track. I see no way of combining them so n-track sees them as a stereo track.

I just want to draw a pan envelope on the mono track. The option doesn’t become available for me unless I’m drawing a pan envelope on a STEREO track.

What am I missing here? ~Lefty7

After you have drawn the pan envelope, you don’t need to use the “Apply track effects/envelopes” command. That’s only used to apply the envelope destructively, i.e. ‘print’ it into the wav file. n-Track disables the pan option on mono tracks because the “Apply track effects/envelopes” doesn’t change the number of channels (i.e. stereo/mono) of a wav file so pan doesn’t make sense.
“Apply track effects/envelopes” is something that you do for special cases, normally you just draw the envelope and press the Play button, n-Track will apply the envelope during the playback in realtime.


YES! Since your response I have experimentally created multiple different pans, some with rapid swings, to learn this, and it works and works well. I see that the virtual pan knob on the track mixer does not acknowledge these programmed pans, and remains at its static setting - so to keep tabs on the pan envelopes and modify them, one must recall the pan drawing option from the Edit menu, and they appear where they were drawn. So that’s cool.

I did my first multi-tracking in the early '70s on my Dad’s stereo Sony 355 R-to-R 1/4" tape deck with ‘Sound on Sound’ (!), so I am old school, and sometimes feel more akin to Les Paul with his early Revox than a computer-based recording format. Understand that when I saw both ‘draw’ and ‘apply’ within the Edit menu, it seemed logical that the one need follow the other.

Thanks again for the clarification, Flavio. Have a slice or two on me. :pizza: