Drive Like Eighty

Live Performance

Nothing really to do with n-Track, but I wrote this little song in February 2007 for my church’s annual coffee-house and -for some reason- it’s getting some attention.

Here’s a link to a videotape of that performance -

Nice one Bill :)

Brought a smile to my face in what otherwise has been a miserable week. Ain’t that what Music is for? :)


Thanks - a smile is at least as good as a royalty cheque - maybe better.

Another smile here :)


erm… that’s how I drive :(


And on the wrong side of the road… ???


Well t. I tried driving on the “other” side coming home from work the other night, #### near killed myself!
Left hand side is much safer :;):


Reminds me of a joke - a guy’s wife calls him on his cell phone and says: “Honey, I just wanted to warn you for the drive home, I heard on the radio that some nut is driving the wrong way on the expressway.” The guy says: “I’m on the expressway now and it’s worse than you know, there are hundreds of 'em.”