drum sounds and midi files

how can I combine…

Just found out that every song is out there on the internet in midi format!! wow! these can be copied/downloaded, split apar, tempo changed, ptich changed, etc. etc. I want these for the drum files because I find it very time consuming trying to program a drum track, fills, etc. bar by bar on my zoom mrt-3 or zoom ps-02 (buying real drums is not an option as I live in a condo) for cover songs I like to record (I’m a Rush fan too, it’s hard finding a Neil Peart-like drummer!).

I have found some very good drum midi file that play exactly! but the sound is very tinny through my computer (nVidia soudn card).

Q: Is there drum software out there where I can run these midi files through, and have real sounding drum tracks (that play really close to the real thing)???? oh, and also combine it with n-track so I can record? (I saw the earlier “Drums on demand” thread but I don’t think this will help me)