Drummer for Jimi Hendrix found dead

Mitch Mitchell


Damn I love Mitch Mitchell! He to me was a huge part of that so called wave! I;ve got Mitch and Jimmy on DVD!!! Like and respect Buddy, but Hendrix was twice as much with Mitch. IMO. Thx for every amazing beat Mitch!

Funny thing about the Hendrix drummers,Mitchell and Miles,Mitchell is considered the more technical ,whatever ya wanna call it of the 2.
Ive even read where some people thought that Buddy wasnt good enough to play with Hendrix,yet alott of die hard Hendrix nuts like myself will confess to liking Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys music the most.Im not saying I like one guy over the other,same with Redding and Cox.Im just thinkin hendrix had the best of both worlds with them guys
LMAO.in one interview with Mitch he calls Buddy Miles “William the Concreter” describing Miles’s fabled fatback drumming

Oh, man

Sad news.