Dual monitor anomalies

Toolbar resize

This may be just on my video card, a geforce 6200, but when I hold shift and maximize across both screens the toolbar doesn’t stretch it stays on the main monitor and the second monitor has . hole at the top. Now here’s where it gets strange. If you drag anything,a vu meter,floating mixer, whatever across this hole it leaves tracers of the item. They go away upon resizing but they look a lot like what happens when you are overloading the cpu during playback and dragging stuff around although in this case it doesn’t seem to cause any extra load on anything.
Also you can’t dock anything in this “hole”. That’s a lot of real estate on your monitor to waste.

Is that an n-Track feature (shift-maximize)? It doesn’t work for me with (for example) MSIE.

Hi Guys:
Can you post a screen image of this “Hole”? on your two monitor display? I am fastenated to see what you are describing… I don’t think the Matrox G-550 and the Matrox G-450 cards show me anything like that… However, it’s been so long sense I’ve got into a mix session useing two monitors… ??? :O


I’ll try to get a screen up when I get home this evening.
I had to enable something on the Geforce control to get it to stretch across the monitors. As I recall on the Matrox G450 that I had it was default.

Don’t go full screen and it’s an easy repro. Simply stretch the whole n-Tracks window across both screen and the toolbars max out at some predefined width. Whatever is to the right gets filled with what’s behind it. I’m using 1600*1200 on both monitors at the moment. It’s a bug in V4 (at least).

I have GeForce at work, but have a G-450 at home. It will be interesting to see if it repros there as well.

Sorry, I’m unable to upload from work (firewall issue) or I’d post a pic.

Hi Guys:
If I am understanding you correctly, I see that you use the two monitors to stretch the timeline across the two screens… I’d like to see the image of this… I use the two monitors to get the timeline on one screen and move the plugs, meters,and mixers and anything else that can be dragged off the timeline… I use the well… you know… the un-docking feature… I guess that’s why I’m fastenated to see a print screen of this… I guess it’s not what you see… it’s what you get used to seeing… I only considered the dual head graphics card for moving pop-up screens off the timeline…


I don’t use it like that. I do what you do, Bill. I’ll get a screen shot of it though. BRB…

Here you go…the big picture is 2800*1200 and 774k…

The toolbars are clamped in widtd so the desktop is showing through…upper right.

Hi gents:
That’s an interesting looking graphics layout… Thanks for that screen shot… phoo


I do what Bill does too. I find that if I put the timeline on my external monitor (rather than laptop builtin) I get dropouts. :( I was happy to find such an easy solution, though! No, I haven’t tried setting the PCI latency, which might help.

Phoo is correct and explains it much better than me.
I usually use the floating mixers also but thought it would be neat to be able to stretch every once and a while.

It’s VERY useful to stretch the timeline out of two screens at time when editing. I needed to do it last night and would have been very happy to have had three like I use to have at work.

I don’t think it’s necessary or even needed when mixing and it may cause interesting problems on some machines, like glitching or dropouts, as someone said, though I’ve never put the two together on my machine. Definitely not needed for recording, and definitely something to look into.

My machine goes haywire when moving the DVD player app from one screen to the other. It will start stuttering and almost lock up the machine if it’s not on the left main screen. That migh be a clue we haven’t explored to some folks glitching and poping problems if they have multi-mon enabled.

Whoa is flav good or what! there’s a fix up already.

A fix? hmmmm… i’ve had stability issues with ver4 anytime i use dual mons. could this resolve them all? Definately gotta check this out.


My guess is not, teej,but let’s hope so.

What kind of video card(s) is(are) you using?

hey, Phoo. Nice to see you.

I use a Matrox G550. Upgraded from a G450 a few years ago. Matrox dual is the only card i’ve ever used on my DAW. Worked great with v3… not so great with v4. Lots of dropouts, pops, n clicks.

My testing with v5beta has been positive. I’m still getting dropouts, but they’re fewer than the same song with v4.