Dunno what to do with this one....


Just thinking out loud I guess!

ok just did this to it…nothing fancy just drums and sparkle:


…still playing with my new toys/room

That’s a fantastic compromise, Craig. Gorwjuss musicianship and mix.

I’d still love to hear it either with you backed by The Attractions or an Erasure style disco Smash. PS. You got any old analogue synth modules (Vince C)?

Thanks T

Nearest thng I had / have somewhere is an old sequencer thing which is probably waaay PRE Vince Clarke

Must say I do love that early Erasure stuff though. Id like to do music that mixes old style 80s dance (that seems to be quite in fashion now) and guitar…

It’s because of you that I’ve giving Erasure a good coat of listening to. 15 straight hits!!! I’d always enjoyed the ear-gum and appreciated the art but never really focused on them.
I’ve got a few old units one being an EVS1 which isn’t analogue, it’s GM but honest chips and architecture. We should give it a Pop.

As always i love your harmonies, think you’ll lose the charm if you mess with it. Perfect in it’s simplicity :;):

With all due respect, I hate the drums. :)

Why thank you for your due respect! Pray tell why so aggressive against the drums? ???

They are brave - that’ll explain why I love 'em.
Battery Kit#?

Battery 3 Rock kit…for now…until I get the miking of me new drum kit sorted… :agree:

Cool. Just for samples or whole sections/tracks?

Hopefully the whole lot :agree:

Cool. I’m regretting selling a nice old Sonar kit, 20 odd years ago. Didn’t need the opium that much

I dunno Tony, it probably served its purpose at the time...


They’re boring and add nothing to the tune, and distract from the important thing, your voice. ???

and a really nice marble fire-place. and an Orange 100w top and 4 X 12…and:-(

Quote: (TonyR @ Jul. 12 2011, 6:06 PM)

and a really nice marble fire-place. and an Orange 100w top and 4 X 12.......and:-(

(floor boards and an oil fired boiler, really). ;-)

This thread has gone on for four pages and I’m just hearing it…
Where am I, these days ????

The song is pretty Nico
Great melody and lyrics and all…
In places I think and in my opinion the the wah/tremolo guitar distracts somewhat from the lyrics…
Maybe, it should come out after the introduction verse of the song…
It’s nice and keeps me listening and all…
Maybe use it (the track) as a fill between lyric lines ?

Anyway, you have wrapped it…
It does sound nice
Smooth Again,



I’m kinda with Tom on this one. I hear this song 2 ways, stripped down as you did it originally, or full blown with choirs and the kitchen sink thrown in. I don’t think the stripped down version needs the drums. Just my 2 dirhams worth tha knows :)
Still a great piece of writing and the voice is just magical. :agree:

Thanks again gang!

Yeah it was one of those where I didn’t quite know where to go…most times an arrangement is in your head as soon as or while your writing. I just didn’t get that this time… :;):