Dynamic Eq handles?

On some recent builds of n-track studio on my Mac Air M2, the Dynamic Eq plug in and stand alone have the handles to adjust the bands…and some do not! The most recent does not. ???

Ab…I see it now…they are not “on” by default, as they are in the iOS version. You have to turn them on in the EQ settings in the built in eq…once you do that they appear in the plug-in as well. :slight_smile:

On both the mobile and desktop version of n-Track, “Dynamicness” is a property of every EQ band, which by default is off. To make a band dynamic you must select the band tapping on its handle and activate the Dynamic button. When you switch to another band the dynamic handle will disappear if the band doesn’t have dynamic enabled.
You can find more details in the Dynamic EQ tutorial video.