Dynamic equalizer plugin

I am using n-track pro on iPadOS 16. I don’t have any control points in my dynamic eq plug-in to change the curve??? I have watched the tutorial but I can not do anything like it shows because I can not see the control points. According to the website, pro should have all the features of the extended subscription but somehow dynamic eq is not working.

I just checked the app on my iPhone and the handles are there! So it is an iPad issue. Still…needs to be fixed! I will NOT open my phone every time I need to use Dynamic Eq :slight_smile:

Hi Stephen, with which version of the app you are experiencing the problem? You can find the version at the top of the settings screen.
Does it happen with a particular song only or even with a just created new song?
What’s your iPad model?

It is n-track Pro, Version 9.7.73 current. Running on an iPadPro with M1 processor and iPadOS 16.1. It happens whenever I try to use the Dynamic Eq plugin or the Eq on the track itself. I have checked the Studio version (which is what I may have checked on my phone, as I have both installed) and that works fine on my iPad…I can see and use the handles in the Eq. I am willing to convert my Pro purchase to a yearly Studio subscription if thst is what it takes. I have the trial running now, and am really liking the app for recording my instruments and editing narration. Very slick.

@Stephen_Ingraham thank your kind words and for the details provided. I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue, but I wrote you in private so that we can better understand what is happening.

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