E-MU 0404

What do you think?

I have noticed this new card from E-MU on the market that sells for just £70 or I guess in the region of $110. It appears to be packed with features and pre-sets, along with good quality sonic capabilities.

Anyone using it? With n-Track?

Would be intereted to hear your views

I have the 1820M and love it. Though no the same card, the drivers and compatibility should be quite similar.

The 0404 has great audio specs. If it has all the I/O you need, it should be good card for the $$. For an extra $100, don’t overlook the 1212M. You may wake up someday and go “Dang! I wish I had more I/O!” The 1212M has the higher end converters as well. Should sound better than the 0404.

Oh, I have the 1820M too. Love it.


EDIT: Unofficial EMU forum HERE for information on the 0404.