We just had a very respectable earthquake here a couple of minutes ago - Quake.


You really should talk your wife into that Michigan move. Everything OK?


Yeah, no earthquakes here. Just big mosquitos.

Respectable indeed.

Did you feel it ? Was it just a rumble, or a little shake (maybe a vibration) ?

I haven’t experienced anything like that yet (my parents did - in the 60’s there was quite a stir in ‘Tulbach’ western cape. My folks’ cups in the cupboard rattled. Their house was 120km away from the epicentre…)

I can imagine I would be shaken up a bit if I ever was close to one of them things …


Yeah - I wished my wife had been here to experience it (she left for a wedding yesterday morning), maybe she’d be a little more motivated.


Did you feel it ? Was it just a rumble, or a little shake (maybe a vibration) ?

You bet I felt it! This one was a series of powerful jolts. Some quakes are more like waves but this one was jolts, probably because it was so close. You also hear rumbles. It was quite exciting because you wonder how long it’s going to last, and seconds seem a lot longer than they really are.

It’s funny because right after it happened I guessed it was around a magnitude 5.0. The web site I posted here listed it as a 5.3 but they downgraded it today to a 4.9, so I was pretty darn close. The geologist this morning discribed this quake as the similar to you snapping your fingers together, i.e., the plates slide across each other.
Quote (TomS @ June 16 2005,23:15)
Yeah, no earthquakes here. Just big mosquitos.

Ugh. You too Tom? As much rain as we had this spring, I was hoping it would keep the little blood suckers "washed down" somewhat. Sadly, not so......... they're everywhere. I guess there was enough pools standing for 'em to hatch and ruin everyones outdoor experience.


Interesting article following the quake -
The Big Quake Question: What Comes After Four?.

Putting this in context, a well known seismologist had predicted that we were supposed to have the big one last September.

Thats a good article. Also, it’s very refreshing to see that these scientists are questioning what they thought was “gospel” years ago.

I have done a little reading on seismology. It is a complicated and mysterious process. We thought we were relatively safe here in North Alabama until a few years ago. I can’t remember the category/size, but we had pretty good rumbler here. Opened a few eyes. It mostly makes you feel small when you consider we are not exactly the masters of our destiny like we sometimes like to think we are.