Easy import from Garageband

Is there easy way to import a song from Garageband.

Right now I export via iTunes each indivisual track and then reimport the track back into N-Track.

A song with 20 tracks is not that easy to move around. Looking for the easy lossless method.

I think Garageband exports .aiff files these can be imported directly into Ntrack.
All you would need is a folder marked that has all of them in it, this might be “My Music” or wherever they were recorded too.

The problem is you need the edl file. as well, that is going to contain all the channel strip positions and fader marker Vol/Pan data if you want to keep working on previous mixes.

outside of that Track lock seems to be your best option, it is a hidden feature inside GB that allows you to export all the aiff files at once into a project folder, since Ntrack imports aiff you should be able to “open new project” and select that folder once it is on a flash or CD on a PC, hardrive etc.


If you had Logic or Logic Express you could open the GarageBand file in there, then export as .OMF file w/out the audio files, (uncheck the “include audio” checkbox in the OMF export dialogue box.

AA translator can convert OMF to .edl which Ntrack accepts, this will give you all the pointer information for the files, like if you have small .aiff files in specific spots, then you won’t have to mixdown all that space before or after a punch in.

If all the .aiff files associated with the OMF song file are in a folder you can find all you have to do is import the .edl for the song in Ntrack and then open the folder containing the tracks, Ntrack should put all the files where they belong in the song.

I can’t guarantee the .OMF exported file will carry the fader or panning/volume data of the tracks tho,

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