Edirol M-100FX

Any comments?

Anyone familiar with Edirol’s M-100FX 10 channel mixer with USB out?

I know that it is primarily designed for the video production market. But, I’ve seen it priced for a little over $200, so it was worth a look.

Does anyone know if the digital output provides 10 independent channels or is it mixed down to two stero channels. I couldn’t really tell from the tech specs.

I’m also considering the Delta 1010L, but I would like to avoid an external analog mixer if possible.


The digital out is a stereo mix. OK for one-man band stuff. Not much use recording a band though. The 1010LT would be much more versatile IMO.


Thannks, TG. Thant’s what I needed to know.

I’m pretty sure I’m going with the 1010LT.

Cool. Don’t shy away from the analog mixer unless you really can’t afford it at the moment. You’ll find having one around to be super convenient for mic pres, level matching, grouping, zero latency monitoring etc… You can never have too many tools in the box IMO. Even the cheapo Berry’s, Peavey’s, Low end Yammy’s etc are swell for little cash outlay…


Thanks again, TG.

Any recommendations on a reasonably priced mixer that would work well with the 1010LT? I expect it would need separate outputs channels to connect to the 1010LT.


Look at any of the brands mentioned above for a budget mixer. Just make you get one with enough inputs for however many tracks you envision recording separately. Also, MAKE SURE the board has either Direct Outs or Inserts on each channel. With those, you tap off your mic and line signals right after the preamps on the mixer to send to the 1010LT inputs. The 1010LT outputs can be fed back into the mixer on a spare stereo channel and used for monitoring your recorded tracks with little to no latency. Makes keeping overdubs in synch much easier.


Muchos Gracias, TG!!