editing a song off of a cd

Newbie looking for some help

I would like to take a song that’s on a cd and take out the vocals, and put my voice there. When I put the song in N-Track, it put both vocals and music in one clip but it gave it two separate lines…is there any way to cut the clip in half so I can take the vocals out? Hope Im making sense lol…

What you are seeing is the left and right stereo tracks. Vocals may be centered and/or panned to one side or the other. The lead vocal is most likely centered in the stereo image. There ARE techniques to try to remove the vocals. Google for “Vocal removal plug-in” or something along those lines. I’ve never heard one that worked very well though…


on the Track menu, select Split Stereo Track. when it finishes processing, right click on the original stereo track and select Remove Track. now go into the equalizer of ONE of the new tracks (doesnt matter which) and click the Left Channel Phase Shift button, the green button to the right of the trash can. the Right Channel Phase Shift button will also depress since its a mono track. now click on the drop-down selection box just under the trash can. change it from “low shelf” to “high pass” and leave the rest of the settings as they are.

what this all does is remove everything thats common between the left and right channels. in most songs this results in a lack of bass, but i compensated for that by taking the bass (<100Hz) out of one of the channels. if you want more bass, try increasing the freq from 100 to 150 or even 200. the higher you go, the more vocals you’ll hear (especially if it’s a male voice).

I got as far as deleting the original track, but I don’t see the “left channel phase shift button” nor the “high pass” option. Volume control is next to the trash can…forgive me, I’m new at all this.

you need to open the track’s equalizer. depending on what version you have, as well as your settings, there are a few ways to view it. try the View menu > Mixer > Track Mixer. the equalizer button is just above the thing that says “No Efx”, to the left of the 3 white knobs.

Found the left channel phase shift button but there isn’t a drop down menu under the trashcan for the high pass option. I just recently downloaded the program so I assume I have the newest version. The only dropdown menu I see has options for comression and gates.

hmm, well i use the latest non-beta (4.1.1980). perhaps somebody else can explain how to set a high pass in the beta?

yeahforbes is describing a manual way of doing what the automated software does. Here’s a free one that I found:

I’ve never used it, so you’re on your own… They only work well if the vocal is panned dead-center and has no stereo effects on it (like stereo reverb). Good luck!


Well I’ve managed to get it so most of the main vocals are gone, occasionally throughout the song I’ll hear a voice that sounds a million miles away lol…but I did some more research and I guess there isn’t any software that does this perfectly yet.

Thanks for all of your help guys! I appreciate it.