Editing Pitchbend data

Hey all, FNG here. :D

I started using n-Track several years ago, but for some bonehead reason, I decided to delve into the financial abyss that is Pr*T**ls. I came back to n-Track back in September. Long story short, it’s good to be back!

So I’m trying to figure out editing MIDI data on the piano roll, but I can’t seem to figure out the best way to edit pitchbend data. My keyboard only allows me to select pitch up or pitch down, but it only goes up or down an octave, when what I need is a fifth.

Any suggestions?

Pitchbend can be edited in the lower part of the pianoroll window, after selecting ‘pitch bend’ in the drop-down box that lets you select which controller to draw.
The octave up/down on your keyboard is not pitch bend, is just a way to change which keys are sent by the keyboard. The pitch bend is usually a knob or slider that automatically re-centers itself when you release it and is used for bending in the range of 1 to 2 semitones (depending on how the MIDI synth implements it), similar to how you can change the pitch by bending notes on a guitar string.


I’m using a Korg Nanokey for my data entry. I know, the “pitch bend” capability is lame.

Sorry, I guess what I’m not understanding is the vertical reference in the pitch bend window. How do I go from the pitch of a selected note to the desired pitch? When I draw a line in the window, it seems to jump from the selected note to a random note then bend to another random note.

Then the problem I have on top of that is that the piano roll doesn’t reset to normal pitch after the pitchbend. So when I restart the song at the beginning, the pitch of the track is off.