Editing tracks and using Playlist mode

Hi, I’m started using N-Track a week ago, version 9.6 on my IPad. First, I’m not finding any help editing tracks on the 9.6 version. There is no SLICE option in 9.6 as in some videos I’ve seen. Can you describe how i can, say, insert a second verse into a song without moving each track individually? Or the easiest way to chop up a midi loop?

Also, is there a way to edit a drum pattern in the Piano Roll? It would make life a WHOLE lot easier. Using the Patterns feature doesn’t work in a song like it supposed to (unless I’m doing something wrong). Help on these issues would be so appreciated! I absolutely LOVE N-Track Studio so far.

To slice all tracks deselect all (tap below the last track), then tap on the time axis to select the slice point, then tap on the wrench icon on the top right to open the edit toolbar, then tap on Splice. Then you can select all the sliced tracks on the right, select the drag mode tapping on the 5th button from the right on the lower toolbar (the drag mode is the cross-hair like icon) and drag all the tracks at once to create space for the additional verse. Set the grid to “measure” to drag even measures.

If by drum pattern you mean that you’ve created a step sequencer track, a track can be either piano-roll or step sequencer. You can convert a step sequencer track to a piano roll track tapping on the track’s part, then from the wrench toolbar select ‘Convert to instrument’.
Drum tracks are usually more easily created with the step sequencer. You can find a tutorial on the step sequencer here
If you find something that doesn’t work please send some more detail so we can try to help.


Thank you so much Flavio for your assistance. The info was extremely helpful. Creating a beat in the Step Sequencer is very user friendly, but editing a part after a song is created ( say, I want a drum fill or beat drop in the verse) seems to be a task. Any suggestions on an essay fix?

One option could be to slice in the timeline to create space for the new section and then instead of extending and adding patterns to the existing step sequencer track, you could add a brand new step sequencer part in the new space, that may be easier to handle than a single long step sequencer part, as it will start with a blank playlist. The patterns “roster” will be the same for all parts in the same track so you will have the same patters to chose from for the playlist.


Thanks again Flavio. I was wondering. Is there a way I can identify a drum loop by its perspective drum kit? Meaning if i hear a hot drum loop could I find the kit used to create it?