Effects In Aux Channels

Aux Channel Effects not working

Hi, All,

I just installed 2042, and I’ve encountered something I haven’t seen before. It’s probably just a setting I’m overlooking or something similarly dumb.

Any effects on the Aux sends do not work when sending to the Aux using the Track Channel’s. I’ve tried both DX and VST effects. I’m using n-Track’s reverb plug-in as a test because it has input and output level meters. Both meters are showing signal, but they are identical (dry signal going out). The master channel Aux send works fine, and effects work fine when placed in a track channel or on the master channel.

I’m using WinXP SP2 with a Delta 410 and Audigy 2ZX in a Dell 9100 P4 3MHz.

Has anyone experienced this? Got a fix?

Thanks in advance.


I just noticed that if both the channel and master aux sends are up, the aux effects will work. Has the signal path for aux sends been changed so that they now pass through the master send also? Or is this a setting somewhere?


you have to assign the aux to a particular output. In this case, assigning to the master out (out 1/2) is probably what you want.