Electric Guitar Track Need Something?

Try Mic’ing The Strings

There are times when there seems to be something missing from your guitar track. A bit of sparkle, extra rhythm sound? Try mic’ing the strings of your electric guitar. I use a SM57 placed about 8 inches from the guitar pointed between the pickups. My DAW setup only has 1 stereo pair input, so I pan the left side stereo in all the way left and the right, yes all the way right. I set N-Track to record 2 mono tracks.

Now I am ready to caputer
2 mono tracks. One will be the mic’ed strings the other is whatever processed guitar sound I am trying to achieve.

Or on the amp, 2 different mics, pan one hard right, one hard left, now double the track, and pan the first hard left this time, the other hard right, always checking for phase issues…

when i mic the pignose, i always get a bunch of string noise anyway, no matter how far away i stand from the amp.

One of Buddy Holly’s big hits (I heard it just the other day, so of course I have forgotten which title) has his Strat strings miced for the verses, then turns the amp up on the choruses. Great effect!

t’ain’t nothing new in this world, eh?

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write a song with Mr. Soul espousing the virtues of Bill Clinton.

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Maybe an instrumental? I can do funeral dirges pretty well...


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