Emu EmulatorX Update

ver 1.5 now available

For all the folks who have the Emu Emulator X sampler, Emu has just posted version 1.5 which is supposed to fix the issues with it as a VSTi in N-track.

Okay, I tried EmuX 1.5 with N-track 3.3 build 1516. It is better, but not perfect yet. At least the distortion weirdness is gone and you can hear the samples being played clearly, but the timing is weird and jumpy. Imagine drawing your tempos in you sequencer so the tempos look like a roller coaster. That is what play back is like. Playback works fine in Cubase VST. If it helps to have an audio example, I am happy to post it.


Well i tryed the updates with n-track3.3 build 1516 and i still can get any midi in or out with emulatorX no sound at all.Still dead in the water.I also looked under emulatorX preferences and it dose not pick up any of the audio drives i can,t load anything,theres no audio drives to load.Any thoughts or help would be great thanks.I also tryed it with n-track 4.0 with the same outcome.

Are you using it as a VSTi or as the stand alone application? As a standalone application it works fine for me. As a VSTI, it is shakey. Just wondering. If you are using it as a VSTi, you shouldn’t have to choose drivers. It will use what ever you have selected in N-track.

I can get it to work good as a stand alone instrument thats a start and thanks for the info and help bubbagump,but i still can,t get it to work at all as a vst instrument,just thought i would pass that on.I get no midi in or out signal and no sound.Oh well that better that what i had before witch was nothing at all working.I was thinking of writting emu and n-track and just passing on the info of still finding a few bugs.