Endorphin and 4.0.5

I’ve got build 1839 of 4.0.5 and I’ve noticed that for some reason after my last upgrade the Endorphin plugin does not limit when applied to the master effects any more. It always did before… any ideas?

I think it used to limit to -0.01db regardless of any of the plugin settings.

Hmmmm… no one has any ideas. Can someone check on their setupo and see if the same thing happens for them?

Default setting produces -0.2dB here. Everything seems okay. I’m using build 1841.

Shit. I’ll try mine again, then update the build.

CRAP. Ok, deleted Endorphin and copied it back into my VST folder. No change. Upgraded to the lastest build of 4.0.5 - no change.

I went back and reinstalled 4.0.4 and endorphin works perfectly - but when I install 4.0.5 again endorphin will not limit.

Man, anyone got any ideas… at all? I LOVE endorphin and now I can’t use it coz it won’t limit… is there any setting in the n-Track preferences I can check/change?

Shot in the dark: try changing the DSP Thread Priority.

Some plugins (like iZotope Vinyl) used to not function properly if the DSP thread priority wasn’t set a certain way.

File > Settings > Preferences > Options > DSP Thread Priority

There are 3 options, labeled 1, 2, and 3. I have no idea what they mean, but try them all.

1 equals high 3 low. That could be it. I’m going to check and see if I have the problem later today.

I finally remembered to check for you. With version 1845 I have no probelm gettting Endorphine to work as it always did.

Quote (bax3 @ June 02 2005,14:51)
1 equals high 3 low. That could be it. I'm going to check and see if I have the problem later today.

Tried that but still no luck.

Later today I'll try uninstalling nTrack completely and installing the latest build again. Other than that I have no idea what the problem is. Seems like a settings thing since it works fine on a previous version of N on my machine...


Ok, I closed and restarted Ntrack (4.0.5 build 1844) and checked “1” in the DSP priority thread. THEN I unchecked the “adust for plugin latency” checkbox.

This crashed ntrack when I tried to play a plugin-heavy song, but I rechecked the plugin latency box and now Enorphin works fine!!! I’ll keep testing it tonight…


Yeah, actually I had a weird thing happen in build 1844 last night where the whole PC would freeze when I tried to move any knob or slider in endorphin or dominion. In the end I uninstalled Ntrack and removed endorphin fromt he VST folder. Reinstalled N-track (1846) and copied the endorhin dll back into the VST folder. Oh, AND reset all defaults in my prefernces and then changed what needed changing according to my set up. Everything seems to be golden now.