EQ/Comp Window Sizing

Whenever I open the eq/comp window from the channel mixer, it opens up way too small, with functions and texts overlapping. I have to resize(pull over and down) every single time I want to use this window.

How do I get n-Tracks(4.2.1 v2099) to remember the window size?

I have the same problem. So, it usually gets docked on the right side of the window to help maintain its size. I haven’t found another work-around yet.

I had an issue where I would call up the EQ/Comp window, and it would take up the entire screen. I couldn’t get rid of it to see the timeline again. This was the end of my tenure with n-Track, for the while. I’m sure there’s a solution, but I don’t have the kind of time that allows me to keep up with all the little quirks I’ve encountered.

Too bad, the potential is there. I still support the program- but it may be from version 3 next time I open it!