Equalizer Saves Library

My EQ library keeps being deleted randomly. It’s there and then it’s gone. Good thing I have most of these settings saved in some projects so I can re-save them but what would cause this to keep happening?

I’m not interested in updating to whatever buggy version is current, just looking for a simple answer.


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Boi oh boi, I feel you here.
btw what platform are you using nTrack on?
My main is iOS and the problem with EQ preset library wiping itself with every next launch of the app is there from whenever I started using it - about 4 years ago or so. Been relying on data from the various projects too.

if i need a certain EQ preset i used previously, I can save it to the preset library after loading the initial project, then without closing the DAW open the target project and apply it from the list there. but if the DAW is closed, even if just for a second - the list of presets will be empty upon a fresh launch lool. peculiarly this is relevant specifically for the EQ - every other stock plugin, as well as 3rd party ones store the preset list accordingly.

my world will literally turn upside down if I will witness this bug to get fixed during my lifetime - that’s pretty much how consistent i consider it to be a “feature” of any version of nTrack at this point :laughing:

@contact sorry for the inconvenience!
We are trying to reproduce the issue and fix any possible bug. In the meanwhile, if you could send us some more details on what exactly happens to you and how you reproduce the problem, it would be very appreciated. A procedure or a video showing what happens would be super helpful. Thank you!