Error Loading Skins

For some reason I am unable to open Version 6 on my XP computer. It say Error Loading Skins try reinstalling. I have reinstalled many times. No help. I have had versions 4, 5 and 6 working in the past.

Any ideas?


I have no idea what to tell you Joseph - someone will though I’m sure.

I cannot recall the build where the problem was fixed, but there was an error that caused the program to not load if the skin is corrupt. If you can, download and install version 6.04 build 2475. If that does not work, or you don’t want to go to version 6.04 for some reason, you might see if Flavio will supply the tempory fix (if he still has it.) We ran into this in Beta testing, and you should not be having the problem with version 6.04 . . .