Error Loading to Dropbox

Anyone have this problem? I go to share on external devices, and after it finishes loading to 100% I always get the message, ‘error loading to dropbox'. It is driving me nuts and I am almost ready to ditch N Track for another ios DAW… unless someone knows the fix;)

I am not sure what you are trying to do. Haw are you trying to transfer the files. Are you using the n-Track program to save to an external drive. If so what commands are you using?

In the ios version you have the option of emailing the mixdown wav as well as uploading to Dropbox or Soundcloud. It simply fails to upload and I have Dropbox pro with plenty of space and my Internet connection speed is fine, so I am unsure of the problem. This track is long, one stereo track roughly 20+ minutes, so maybe N Track has some sort of limitation on size. However, I've uploaded files as large to Dropbox via other ips DAWs.

I don't use the feature. I am using Winzip 22 which does the same thing and I believe it has a limit,but I never have hit it. However, it could be a size limit somewhere. The could be a limit on the zip file program or Dropbox. I'd suggest you try manually putting the files in Dropbox and see what the result is. At the very least The fact that the message says it worked is a bug and you should send a support request to nTrack.

Sent to support. Not much help though with their reply. I could upload individual files, but it made it painstakingly long to do. Going to have to switch to another DAW:(

The file might be too big. How big is this 20 minute file?