Error Message

Recording Problem

During a recording session, it will stop and display “Error, Audio Driver Requested to stop streaming” Does anyone know how to tackle this? Thanks

you are or something is overloading your computer, there is not enough processing time available for the drivers to process audio either in or out -

in the HOW MANY TRACKS topic, i recommended downloading CPUmon -
it works and could help solve your problem -

Dr J

What soundcard/interface are you using? Which driver model, WDM, ASIO, DirectSound? PC Specs? etc…

More information would help us troubleshoot the problem.


A little more information may be in order. I only get the error message if I pause and start. If I just leave it in Record mode, I do not get the streaming audio error message. I am using a HP Laptop MME: Conexant HD Audio Output/Input selected. I have tried the other selections ie MME: Wave Mapper, WDM, however I run into other issues. So I left it in its default selection which is form the built in sound card. Thanks for the ideas guys. I will consider all of them.

You might want to try download ASIO4ALL and install it.

It is a driver that “wraps” or encapsulates the WDM driver and makes it available to your software programs as an ASIO driver. It has made my onboard card on my laptop at least somewhat usable. Generally though I will have my Tascam US-122L connected via USB. It sounds much, much better and has MIDI I/O among other neat things.