Backed up files not loading

I backed up a couple of songs made on n tr6 onto CD. On reloading, the message - WINDOWS NO DISK Exception processing message followed by numbers, occurs when opening the n-track song file.
The wave and wav peak files are ok.
Any ideas.

Have you copied them back to the hard disk, or are you trying to open them from the CD?

A couple of things that you may already know-
Data (music or other data) is written to a CD ss Protected mode. That means that it cannot be changed. Some data when copied on to a hard drive may still will have the write-protect set. You will have to “unlock” them to use those data files: right click on the file and click on Properties and remove the check mark beside Attribute: Read-only.
If you are trying to work with the files while they are on the CD, N-track will tell you that it cannot change the sound files. You may be able to change the Sng file (the one N-track uses to make a non-destructive edit, but destructive editing will not not work. If you use a program like Nero INCD on a rewritable CD it might work - haven’t tried that.
If you make an audio CD, the wav files are “hidden.” When you view he CD all you see is a track list of shortcut/pointers that tell the audio program to play the hidden sound file. This was a form of protecting the sound files that didn’t work because it was quickly found that programs could be created to Rip the hidden sound file from it’s hidden place and copy it to the hard drive. So, if you have an audio CD you will have to rip the files to be able to use them.

Oh no! You guys are killin’ me! I’ve backed everything I’ve done on n to cd and never checked any of it.
What’s the best way to back-up Sng files?

Tony, I got me one of them external hard drives. Mine is a mybook western digital and has a 1 terabyte capacity, more than enough for my needs right now. It was about $125 or so on sale. Keep your N-track program on your computer, and just copy your song file folders to this just as a backup. You might have to look into which brand is best for your particular system, there’s a few out there. Got it last year and it’s already proven useful as I’ve lost a track or two and been able to import them back into the orginal file without a hitch.

Cheers Geoffo. I do the same with a seagate usb 500 but always asumed that cd stood a better chance of survival(chissled in stone). Don’t know why I thought that?

  • ‘chisel’ . Gimme a break.

The hard drive is a very good approach. However, there is nothing wrong with backing up to CDs. When I get a project finished, I will make an Audio CD (that can be just done as a direct copy if I need one ) if I don’t want to change anything. If I want to change it, I can rip the sound files. If you back up as data it is no real problem to copy the files back on to your computer.
No one can say definitely which media is going to last the longest or be available a few years from now. For long term, stick to .wav format, and make a copy of both the raw files and the finished ones. Hard drive, or Cd - probably the hard drive will last longer because of the metal plates, but the motors and tone arm on the hard drive? Cd burners are estimated for about 10 years last I saw - Best advise: Every few years redo the backup to a new drive or Cd. Analog had the advantage of being “real world,” Digital is just some weird electrons temporarily arranged. Dag-nab-t - my music may not be immortal after all!

Local Big Lots discount store recently had 4Gb thumbdrives for 12 bucks. Shop around - these things are the bomb for portable backups!

'til next time;
tony w

Hi musicians, thanks for the feedback, backing up is SO IMPORTANT if you consider how many hours you can put into a piece of music. Most of my songs are well over 6 minutes and have between 60 and 120 tracks.
I just cant understand how on reloading a song from a CD backup, why sometimes it works. However I may have one idea - that is the whole song must be in a folder and kept as such when putting onto a CD for backup.
I have never had this error message before, it may be something to do with my hard drive, which is an old one onto which I reloaded XP sp3.
Thanks anyhow.