Error Opening Project Files

Is This Irrecoverable?

We were sitting around the table here in Sydney having a bit of craic- singing and playing and I had was recording some of this with n-Track on my ThinkPad. One of our number is heading back to Ireland and wanted to bring back examples of our music. When I went to convert the songs from x.sng to x.wav it worked most times but a couple of times I got an “error opening project file” message. Is there any way to recover this file? If not I guess we’ll just have to gather again next week and have a few brews and a good chat and record the songs again-sigh.

Try opening a new project, import the wave files into it, then saving as another name. You may have to do some manual line up of files depending on how they were recorded.


I’d like more information - what kind of wood is the table? - what kind of brew? and just how many did you have? :cool: