Error opening VST scan file

All VSTis gone… Bubba sad…

All of a sudden my VSTis have all disappeared. I reset N-track to defaults, did a VST rescan, and no avail. Everytime I do a rescan it gives an error:

Error opening VST scan file

Any one run into this one?


I heard somebody else had this one. Did you check the vstscan.log file? I just deleted vastdat.dat and started n-Track. This time, it found plugins that I had installed but for some reason n-Track did not pick 'em up before? Try that. Delete or rename vstdat.dat and make n rebuild it. If it bombs again, there should be something in the vstscan.log file to give a clue as to whats FUBAR.


I had this a while back… I think it was when I added an effect for the first time in V4.

The solution was the old “move all effects out of folder… move back in one at a time” until I found the culprit. Been OK ever since. Funny though, I can’t remember which effect it was now but I know it had been there for ages under V3. Perhaps the file got corrupted?



Yup, I hit the VST log and removed the VST that was last on the list. All is well now. Thanks fellers.