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Here is some cool "eSession News" for thoes who aren't members and won't other wise see this email.

We're busy building a new feature called the eSession Job Board which we hope to release sometime in April or early May. We're describing the Job Board as "Ebay meets Craigslist meets professional music". The Job Board will allow members to post songs, their proposed budget and deadline and then anyone meeting that job's criteria will be emailed a link where they can listen and bid for the job. We hope this new feature will bring much more work your way and also allow our you to be more proactive seeking work rather than waiting for clients to contact you.

We now have over 10,000 members and I am currently focusing my attention on creating a social networking buzz and an eSession presence on Facebook, Twittr, and Tumblr. We also just built a new eSession Blog where I will be posting interviews and articles and discussions. Please pop by any of these places and say hello or come promote yourself and your work on eSession. If anyone is interested in being interviewed or providing material for these sites, please email me:

We're a few weeks away from releasing the PC Version of our real-time, audio/video plug-in, Virtual Glass. The Mac version is currently free to use and the installer can be downloaded by clicking HERE. For those of you who have not seen it, this is one very sexy plug-in and allows you to work in real-time with anyone on any DAW in real-time. You ask, "what about the delay?". We built Virtual Glass with a latency compensation engine and Rewire synchronization. We would love to connect with you and show you how it works. Anyone interested in testing Virtual Glass, please email Marc Rosenberg, marc

I've received a few emails asking about my trip to Japan. Marc Urselli and I did back to back demos for four days in a row and the response was overwhelming. While we did get a good amount of Japanese members and subscribers, I've only seen a small amount of Work Requests coming through. I am hoping that the Job Board will help change that.

I receive emails from eTalent Members all the time asking me the best way to promote their work on eSession. I hope everyone knows about your eTalent Badge which is found in the Dashboard and may be used on your web sites, MySpaces, Facebook etc... You should also know about your eTalent Link which is your name added to the eSession URL. For example:
http Two VERY important things that clients look at are your rates and your audio samples. We're learning that our actively hiring members are wanting to know your Rate Range beforehand and also want to be able to hear a sample of your work. So, please login when you can and update your profiles to include Rates and Audio Samples.

Last topic: Below is a promotional idea I'd like to try once a week for the next few months to try and bring more work your way as well. If it's successful, we'll continue doing it. Now that we have over 10,000 members, I am hoping this proves successful for all of us. Anyone interested in being part of this promotion, please put your expertise (mixing, guitar, etc), your promotional rate and a photo in an email to me:

As always, I welcome your thoughts and comments.

Thanks to all of you for your time, support and faith in eSession.

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