Everything Falls

…no…really…it does

New tunage done on N. All thoughts and advice welcomed…

Everything Falls

First off…excellant song and vocals, and arrangement was great! 2nd…needs more guitar presence in mix and maybe a verb or gated verb on snare…guitar work sounded nice but need to hear it more in the mix…but great song really enjoyed it:D

The snare has an N-track delay on it and an Anwida Reverb lite plugin with a dark medium sized room. I intentionally kept it on the dry side to make things sound a little tighter, but it’s there if you listen.

I can agree on the guitars. I just wanted to give the clean and chime guitars some space to play as well. May add some fills too.

Thanks for the thoughts. I had tons of fun with this song.

Great song and well produced.
The guitars sound nice and clean.
The bass drum level doesn’t sound quite right to my ears.



I’m with Yazmeister on the guitars… The production is tremendous, but I have to say that I didn’t like the vocals…I’m not saying that anything was wrong, in fact I learned some things while listening, production-wise, but I kept hearing Ann Wilson singing…go figger. :p

Outstanding job, dude!


Ann Wilson?


I think she had/has a killer voice…high praise indeed! But her hair is longer than mine these days.



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