external preamps and the US-122L

i am thinking of upgrading to an FMR RNP preamp - i am wondering if using the 122L with it would defeat the purpose of having the higher headroom that the RNP provides?

i would like to assume that running the RNP ‘line in’ into the front of the 122L keeping the 122L input knobs all the way to the left (the line in side) would shut the 122L pres out and not color the RNP pres - does that make sense - any thoughts?

thx/ al

I have the same question, did you ever discover the answer to this?

s_boy, it will work best if you take the line level out from the RNP to either of the analog line inputs on the 122L. My bet is the manual for the RNP recommends this as the optimum way of hooking things up… That way you don’t have to worry about running from a preamp to a preamp, which is really not a good thing to do. Plus, you will still have the preamp ins (XLRs) on the 122L available for additional mics.

Good luck; the RNP has a great reputation.

'til next time;
tony w