external wave editor can


i need to be able to edit a wave file while using n-track, i can launch the external wave editor (audacity) but how do i get the changes i make back into n-track

at the moment i save the amended file under a different name, import into n-track, and have to redo any eq changes, effects, etc - this is very long winded

is it possible to launch the editor, make the changes, and then see those changes in the original track within the opened song, all eq etc still in place?

I have always saved the file under the same name and Ntrack automatically updates it.

Dave T2

Keep in mind that you can do “Virtual” edits in n_track that are saved to in n_Track but do not actually change the file itself (it’s much like the other changes you are applying only when n_track is running the files. If yuo want to permainately change/edit use “Distructive” editing.

If you want to maintain the origional wav file and save changes made with an external editor try this:
1) First File > Save what you have done. (MYSONG Arrangement 1.sng) Then SAVE THE FILE AGAIN with a NEW NAME. (MYSONG Arrangement 2.sng) This will get you back to either version of the song as you want.

2) Next you want to save the track/file to a new Wav file. Right click on the track you plan to edit and select Properities. A screen opens that has a button that says “Wave file Properities > >” Click on that button.
3) From the resulting screen select the “Rename/Copy” button and then select the “Create a copy of the origional wave file” check box and save the file under a new name (I’d adding a Number to the name) This will load the new file into n_Track with all of the settings you are using.
4) Next, edit the new file by using the n_Track right-click “Launch external file editor” , save your file in the external editor or make you edits in n-Track. Either way, you now have two wave files to chose from.
Keep in mind, that all of this gets easier as you learn and discover all of the things yuo can do with digital editing. :;):
Good luck!

Yes, as Dave says, that’s what I’ve been doing for years – saving with the same filename. The best thing to do is like Bax suggests. Make copies of all song waves so the ones in the song are edited and you don’t have to keep importing. The copies are the backups.

Right-click the wave in the time line and select to send it to the external editor. The external editor is chosen in the prefs.

I’ve used CoolEdit, Audition and SoundForge this way. I’d be surprised if Audacity doesn’t work.

An issue could be that the files are in use, so they can’t be saved over themselves, requiring a new filename. That might happen is the setting is selected in n-Tracks to keep the waves open. I think that’s the audio option to “Allow other programs to access audio devices.” That needs to be checked. The same may be trow of the wave editor as well, or the editor may need to be exited before n-Tracks can reload them.

many thanks dave, bax and phoo, all good suggestions, bax, i didnt realise editing in n-track was so easy, i will be doing more that way from now on

i have a backup system in place without needing to copy files so i would like to know how to avoid getting the message in audacity that i cannot save because the file is in use, there seems to be no setting in audacity for that, and the’keep wave devices open’ check box in n-track makes no difference, any ideas?


ps the ‘allow 3d party applications to intract iwth n-track’ option doesn’t change this either

I would think the “keep wave devise open” check box is likely problem here, audacity is saying the fale is open, but if you have experimented and that does not change things . . . - However: I keep that Not checked so that I can play a file when I change to the editor.
If the box is checked, then n_Track has the file open and it will not play in the other program - but this may also change with each persons sound card.
Will the track play when you go to Audicity from n_Track?
I don’t know about audacity, but as the other folks have mentioned, many external editors will save the changes to the file and then automatically open them back into n_Track.
It may be a setting in Audacity or you might just have to close n_track before you save the new edit - that would be a pain for sure.
If the “keep wave device open” is not checked and you still have the problem you may just have to edit in n_Track or get a different external editor.

Just thought of a way if nothing else works - This Might Work- Save the sng file (File>save)
Use NOn-distructive editing
in Ntrack, and Send to External Editor
Do the edit, then save the wave file under a new name,
Go back to Ntrack, highlight the old track and Cut the wave file - the setting should remain,
File>Import the edited wave file to a new track, Hightlight the track, Edit>Cut the track information and Edit>paste into the track.

cool, i’ll give those ideas a try, thanks


fixed it, many thanks bax - a setting in audacity, under ‘file formats’ set it to make a copy before importing

i suppose it makes sense for safety reasons to keep a copy of the old file, nice to have it done automatically like that