EZDrummer 2, Superior Drummer, Any Drum VSTI cant add part

So no matter what drum program I try to use in ntrack it gets all glitchy and when I try to place a beat into the instrument track I create for that VSTI the part just jumps from track to track. It may settle a track down or a track up from the drum track. It is almost impossible to get the drum part and or parts into the drum track. I have tried several drum programs … both free and pay and same results every time. I can use the loops in the program just fine. What can I do here? I have no problem using any of the aforemention drum VSTI’s in Reaper or Cubase. A friend uses Mixcraft and has no problem it either. But he aslo has the exact same trouble with ntrack. There has to be a fix or easier way.

Hi wildhair,

I’ve tested EZDrummer 3 (both VSTi and VST3i) on the latest n-Track 10.1 and it seems to work as expected.

Which build of n-Track are you using ? (Help->About)
On Which platform? (Mac Silicon, Mac Intel, Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit) ?
I’m not sure I understand “the part just jumps from track to track”. Could you please better detail the issue? It would be great if you could send a video shot using your smartphone to andrea@ntrack.com.