Family Cabin

I finally got up to the cabin today.
Lot’s of work up there!

Gonna take a week away and just write this month… alone!
No wi-fi - no cell - no electricity. Almost heaven for a mountain man.

I want that…except for two things. I need all my music stuff and cable TV…and nothing or no one else… :laugh:

man i hate tv. the rest of the family loves tv and can’t exist without it. makes me hate it even more. if i could just take a guitar and a bunch of food up to a cabin, and pen+paper, count me gonzo.

i iz green with envy (as opposed to green with salmonella).

After the first two evenings without it - it gets waaay cool to read and write with Coleman lantern light.

I was going to plan it but I think I’ll just tell everyone at home that if you suddenly notice I’ve been gone a while - I’m gone for a week to the cabin.

I could see my days out sitting on the porch there. :agree:

That place would be so nice to just slow down and and forget about that list of things To-Do…
To take care of of…
Make sure before you leave to make up a list of things you need taken care of before you return…
Like get that extra coat of wax on the car and the fridge is cleaned out of all the things that are more than a week old…
and well, you know… and the flower patch gets weeded…
that sort of thing…

Make sure ya got your lyric scribler with you…
and a sharp pencil… :)


Hey Poppa. Lucky guy, that’as a real nice looking place. Last year, I took a trip out to Toronto and stayed a few days with a friend of mine. He has a place in Muskoka, looks very similar to that. Just gorgeous and the area, Lake Skeleton I think) was just beautiful. Made a lovely change from rainy old UK! No TV, no internet, nothing. Sometimes that’s a good thing… :slight_smile:


Can I borrow that place to live in until I die? Don’t tell anybody where I am though…


Got a spot just right for you D!!!


This is the first trip I’ve made to the mountain since my brother passed away 2 years ago. This was his cabin area. Man talk about a flood of memories. There’s a story for every log we put up, every smashed finger and those glorious times of song swappin’ gathered around the wood stove or open fire. Took three of us brothers two years to build 3 cabins. 40 acres of pine, fir and aspen. Elk, deer, bear and porcupine. Gonna really be a trip to get some time up there again.

That’ll do fine Poppa. The wifey says I spend most of my life on the “throne” anyway! :laugh: Heck… it’s the only place I can get any peace and quiet. One gets immune to the smell after a while…

Just bury me down there next to the fence. Nuttin’ fancy… just a hole and dump me in. If the bears eat me, no big deal. I’ll be through with this container anyway…



looks fantastic Poppa. :O

How often does the maid come round?


lol - looks like every two years. I gotta get my mower and weed eater up there. Plenty of firewood though.

Don’t forget yer bigars gun! :agree:

Can I come stay :p

That is soooooo purrrty

sure you can!

Hey Ange? I’ll let you have the accommodations Poppa has assigned me if you prefer four walls and a roof. I’ll crash in the woodshed. :)