Fancy hearing a tune that I can't finish?

It’s been drivin’ me nuts. Where do I post it and how?

Google for a free storage space that will stream and store music files in the extension that you choose to allow other listeners to hear your files…
Most convert their files to an mp3 extension…
Then you post a link pointing to where they can stream/play the files…


Set an account up at…it’s free!

My Soundclick Page

Cheers guys. I’ve had a Soundclick acc’ for a short while (Doh!)

Oh oh!!

I’m having serious probs with the new n and coverting midi tracks to audio. It claims to be an issue with my soundcard(ECHO MIA MIDI) but it was ok a while back. Re-installed the drivers and updated them. I’ve reset the prefs for card but seam to have midi missing from windows?

So can’t post link to the groove that wont:-(

Mixdown a song and on the mixdown dialog box hightlight just the midi track and name it what you like. Is a way to do that.

tryin’ it now boss

Thanks Levi. It don’t seam to work like that as this end?

This is what I get when I hit mixdown.
And then it screems a mad, unrecognisable
symphony at me.

The song contains MIDI tracks that
cannot be mixed down: do you want to
convert this MIDI track that can be
included in the mixdown.

MIDI to .wav Wizard

This Wizard will guide you through the
process of converting the current song’s MIDI
tracks to wave tracks that you’ll be to
include in the mixdown.

There is a problem with your sound hardware.
To install mixer devices, go to Control Panel
and other Hardware, and then click Add Hardware.

Thanks, Levi. I’m learning to hit cancel more often :laugh:

This bag of bare bones was an idea that happened when I first cracked n-T. I keep digging it out but nothing happens? So I thought I’d throw it to the dogs :laugh:
A resident and much loved female sings a funky little line when I play it and I think I can hear spanish trumpets…?

Did that not work? Try this.…t=music

Sounds pretty cool tony!
You are your own man VERY original! Five stars!

here is a direct link to tonys song titled ONE CORD!

Cheers, dude. So!? what d’you reckon - trumpets…sand whistles, …?

Wierd, but I like it a lot. I hear David Byrne!! Something like the voice from 'Psycho Killer’
Different and cool Tony…finish it :agree: :)

Good job Tony, definitely hearing a movie, tv theme/soundtrack here!

So! What d’you reckon, folks?
Throw me some ideas (or wavs;-) ) and I’ll go with it.
It started life full of promise but stopped breathing
at some point and no amount of cpr has helped.