fater automation

Where the heck is the “R” button?

According to the manual, there is a “Fader Automation” function built into the mixing board so that during playback, you can record your fader adjustments and they will be applied during mix down. Once again according to the manual, this function is activated by click an “R” button on the mixer window during playback. I must have spent an hour looking for it yesterday and I’ll be darned if I can find it. Can anybody help with this? I am using 24 bit ver 4.0.4 build 1781.

Bottom right hand corner of Master Effects window. The round button records. The triangle plays back.


Yeah, there needs to be an update/correction in the manual for Version 4.xx. There is no “R” on the button! :O It’s hard to use the old “RTFM” when it ain’t up to date! :D


Got it Guys. Thanks a lot.