Fave vocal mic?

Myself, I’m partial for the Electro-Voice RE510. After auditioning several condensers under $200.00 that one had the best sounding top end while still providing enough body to the vocals.

Yeah I learned a valuable lesson: always try recording equipment before buying it … :p

For a good vocal mic that can be used for both live sound and recording I like the Neuman KMS 105. I have 2 and they are very natural sounding as well as being good for both handheld and use on a mic stand. While fairly pricey you can get discounts to bring them down to around US$450 which is high for a stage mic but not bad for a good recording mic.

Since I do more gigging than recording it is nice to get the extra use out of them and it can improve a live recording as well. The only caution is that you need an adequate phantom power source, my little Behringer mixer doesn’t have enough juice although my Yamaha and Tascam boards are fine.


For vocal recording mics, I use and recommend the AKG 414 and Audio Technica AT 4050.

Røde NTK

Quote (teryeah @ May 16 2006,11:08)
Røde NTK

Yeah! :)

While I have not used the NTK, I have used NT1 and NT1A personally and have heard many recordings with various Rodes. I gotta say, RODE has their s%^t together IMO. Great sounding gear at reasonable prices. Go RODE!


I bought Rode NT2a a while ago and I like it a lot. For vocals, you can use it close, in omni mode, to get a close sound without too much boominess.

Another cheapish favourite: Oktava MK-219.