Feature request. From PACO

Some color addition edits and few other.

I have a feature request. I’d like to be able to change the color of the VU meters with a right click option. and also I’d like to be able to change the color of the “Pan Buttons” when they are in “Independent left and right” mode.

If I’m missing something in the skins department, could you please tell me which one does the meter and the buttons?

Also on the right click on a track the “move track up” or down have a line under them (Letter) indicating a keyboard short cut. What is the keyboard shortcut for moving the tracks up or down? I’ve tried various combinations and have checked the FAQ but I don’t see this information anywhere.


I like the color cange idea: particularly for the pan right and left.
I’ll add a couple of my own requests: I’d like the main menu icons to be a bit more “individual” The VU meter Icons for record and play are the same. The Zoom in and out, vertical and horazontal are Very hard to tell apart - I have to depend on the tool tip to tell me what I have.
PS Poco: pardon for riding on your post, but it seemed to fit.

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