Feature Request

For mouse wheel. Three places to use the mouse wheel. Placing mouse cursor over x scroll bar window enables mouse wheel for that scroll. Same with y scroll bar axis. When mouse wheel is used with cursor in track window it would enable zooming in and out. This is especially what I’m looking for - mouse wheel zooming in and out.

Right now control+mouse wheel does so so for zooming but nothing for the wheel for left &
right and up and down. Unless I’ve missed it somewhere.

Also it would help if the ± buttons up on top would work continual on holding down instead of one unit of movement at a time.

Currently the mouse wheel scrolls horizontally when no key is pressed, vertically when Shift is pressed, zooms horizontally when Ctrl is pressed and zooms vertically when Ctrl+Shift is pressed.
The zoom buttons should indeed continue zooming as long as the mouse button is pressed. I’ll add that to v6.0.3 or .4.

Merry Christmas to all…