Feature Request.

EQ Spectrograph Averaging Snapshot

Is it possible to have the EQ spectrograph do an average snapshot over a certain time period?

Reasons: The EQ spectrograph in n-Track shows in real time what’s taking place, sometimes however it’s difficult to see where a problem might exist since it’s always moving. So what if it was possible, for example, I select a section of a track, like I would for looping a section and have n-Track after the section has played thur, show me a snapshot average of what took place in the spectrograph. I would then be able to see, over a period of time if there were any issues overall, like a drop at 120hz that was difficult to notice in real time, I could identify it.

Any thoughts or suggestions welcome.


I like that idea! Would a Scan Selection for a “Snapshot” of either the high or low be helpful?
An interesting add on might be(more problems to develop) would be to be able to save the “Snapshot” of the EQ average so it could be compared to another saved snapshot. This would allow a user to recreate EQ for a past recording session/recording to more easily match the sound.
What do you folks think?

Paco, I have Ozone and Alloy. I seem to remember that at one time they had a feature to match frequency pattern and also the ability to show or capture s “sound picture” of the frequency display. I just took a quick look at Ozone 5 and I could not find the feature. I have a program called Harbal that does these things, well, it captures the frequency averages over time so that you can match/change the frequencies.
Have you looked at Alloy or Ozone to do these things?

Thanks Bax I’ll take a look.


I still think it would make a good addition to n_Track.