Few questions about ntrack iOS

1/ How can I ré order the tracks?
2 Whrn I play a song / track sometimes red markers appears in the Timeline. It looks like a Transient detection. But if it is that, how I set the track detect3d. Once detected how can I work with them. Is there a tutorial somewhere about “beat doctor”
3 / How can I export an edited Audio part from a track. Not the whole file. A part…
(There is no Normalize option. That could be the solution or a consolidate feature.)
4 / I am working with images (movie).
Unfortunately I can’t use the AUv3 video file player cause it is a generator and I didn’t find the way to collapse a generator plug-ins window.

I really think that ntrack can be the ios daw…
I have all of them.
I hate Cubasis. Auria was great but too much bgs but it still have some features that I miss in ntrack.
Loop to selection (when you work on movie you can’t work with a grid.
A video track would be great.
A sync marker on an audio file.
Importing tracks from other sessions.
Some destructive editing tools. (Normalize, consolidate,…)

Also it will be great to have a updated user manual.
There are few icons and features (beat detector) in the App that you can’t find in the manual…
By the way, I really like ntrack and hope that you will continue your great job.

Thanks for the suggestions, we’ll consider them for future updates.
Answering some of your points:

  • to reorder tracks: long press on the vertical colored line on the left side of the track, then drag vertically.
  • red markers on the time axis show the points where the song has clipped, i.e. when the master level was too high. Lower the master volume or add the Compressor plugin to lower the level without reducing perceived loudness.
  • you can bounce a track using the bounce command in the menu that appears long pressing on a track’s waveform. To export an individual parts to a file, you’ll need to solo the track, select the part’s time interval dragging on the time axis, then select Save song, then select an export format (wav or m4a) and set the mixdown to be performed on the current selection only as opposed to the whole song.