File Compatibility

Windows & Mac Files

I purchased N-Track Studio about 10 years ago and loved it. I have not been doing any recording as of late. I recently purchased an Imac and was contemplating purchasing the latest version of N-track for the Mac. Before I do I would like to know if the files that I created with N-Track on a WINXP in the past work on my Mac. Also if the are not compatible is there a way to convert the files over to work on the Mac. Hope my question is not too confusing. Any advice would be much appreciated.


pasting here what I wrote by email: the Mac version of n-Track can load files created with all older versions of n-Track. The only problems you may have are with effect plugins: if the song used 3rd party plugins you may not have all those plugins on your Mac today, so the songs will load but will have some plugins marked as missing. The same goes for a few legacy n-Track plug-ins which are not available on Mac.